Zifront Zapier integration

Connect your Zifront account to any Zapier App

You can use Zifront Zapier App to export events notifications in real time to any of the Zapier supported apps.

The Zifront Zapier App is still in beta mode, so you will have to claim the beta invitation via ticket.

Follow the following steps

In this tutorial we will connect Zifront Zapier App to a Google Docs spreadsheet.

Step 1 - Claim the invite via support ticket and click the Accept Invite & Build a Zap.

Step 2 - Click the Make a New Zap button.

Step 3 - On the Choose a Trigger App, search for Zifront.

Step 4 - Select the Event you want to track

Step 5 - Click Connect an Account to Authorize Zapier to connect to your Zifront account, then click Save and Continue.

Step 6 - Select the application you want to connect to Zifront. Every time an event is generated, Zifront will export the event through the Zapier integration to your CRM or application you connected to.